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Donate with Us

Local Donating - If you live in Kingston, Smiths Falls or Gananoque, you simply provide us with 15+ items that are stain & tear free between the sizes NB-4T and we’ll pick them up from you! Because of the number of orders we’ve been receiving lately, we no longer do weekly donation runs, rather every 2-3 weeks based on demand. 

Donations by Mail - We now accept donations by mail! If you have 20+ items that are stain & tear free, NB to 4T, we’re happy to take them off your hands! 

Here’s how the mailing works! 

  1. Gather up the 20+ items you’re looking to donate
  2. Package them in a box or mailer bag and measure dimensions and weight
  3. Contact us and inform us of the packages dimensions and weight 
  4. We will send you a printable shipping label covered by us
  5. Tape the shipping label on your package and deliver to your nearest Canada Post 

Discounts - All donors will receive a 20% OFF storewide discount however if you donate items that are from small shops, high end or are brand new with tag (valued over $15) we send you a 30% OFF discount. 

To donate contact us through email beenonbaby@gmail.com or send us a direct message through Instagram/ Facebook 

Thanks in advance!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Where do our clothes come from?

We source most of our
inventory through donations. We do weekly donation pickups in nearby cities /towns. Our overstock comes from other small businesses who are left with inventory after a season ends. We have also collected overstocked items from liquidation centres and shops that have gone out of business.


How long will my order take to ship?

We prepare and package each order within one week. Once shipped, you should receive it within 2-9 business days depending on destination.


Are all your clothes in excellent, used condition?

Generally, yes, we do only carry clothes that are in excellent, used condition for we know you can’t physically touch/ do your own visual inspection through a screen. We do however have a few pieces that have visible flaws which we will always make that known and show imperfections through photos.


Do you ship to the U.S.?

Currently we are Canada only.


How do I donate?

Simply contact us! Email beenonbaby@gmail.com


How does local delivery work?

When checking out you cart, if your order is over $30 and your address is within our 50km radius, you should see a local delivery option. Place your order and we’ll contact you when it’s on its way!


How often do you get new inventory.

We always have boxes and boxes of inventory waiting to be uploaded. We aim to upload around 20 items / day. Some days it will be closer to 100, some days none.